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Demolition Derby Rules

The following rules have been adapted and generalized from the 1996 Flemington Speedway Demolition Derby Rules and Regulations. The rules were written in conjunction with the State of New Jersey and may change from track to track, at the discretion of the event organizers and officials. The author of these rules will not accept any liability for the information contained within if you are considering entering a car for competition. These rules can be used as a guideline for the rules governing the track or events that you are competing at.
In addition, all competitors MUST sign a waiver before the race, or they will not be allowed to compete.


  1. The Demolition Derby starts at 11:00 am. Drivers need to be registered by 10:00 am. Please plan accordingly.
    Registration cost is $20 per driver.

  2. This year’s Carnival theme is “Holiday Rush” however vehicles may be decorated in any style.

  3. Valid driver’s license is required as per the rules and regulations.

  4. All drivers must be at least 16 years of age.

  5. Any hard-top vehicle is allowed into the derby.

  6. However, it cannot be a 4x4 or AWD vehicle.

  7. All drivers must wear a CSA or D.O.T. approved safety helmet, face shield or goggles.

  8. Seat belts are required to be worn.

  9. While optional, a neck brace is recommended.

  10. No passengers are allowed in vehicles during Derby.

  11. It is recommended that drivers carry a sharp knife or exact-o knife to cut straps or seat belts in the event of an emergency.

  12. Drivers are responsible for their crew.

  13. Drivers must stay in their cars with seat belts fastened until the race is over, or is stopped for any reason.

  14. Drivers are responsible for the removal of their cars after the event, whether running or not.

  15. Any driver who is found to be impaired by alcohol or drugs will be disqualified from competition.

  16. No smoking or vaping is permitted in the demolition pit or in the vehicle.

  17. A fire extinguisher must be installed securely in the vehicle and be a minimum of 5 lbs.

  18. Radiators must be left in the engine compartment.

  19. The battery may be moved to driver’s compartment, but must be securely fastened. Cables must be loose enough that they can be twisted off by hand in case of shorts or fire.

  20. Gas tanks must be removed from their original position. C.S.A. approved containers may be used, but it must be mounted in the driver’s compartment, securely behind the seat (2 or 5 gallon jerry cans).

  21. The shortest possible exposed length of fuel line in the driver’s compartment is recommended.

  22. Ensure all batteries and gas tank are fully strapped down.

  23. Remove the air bags, cut them and remove the fuse.

  24. All windows except the main windshield must be removed. However, the windshield may be removed if preferred by the driver.

  25. All glass coverings including headlights, taillights, parking lights and turn signal lights must be removed. 

  26. Remove any additional lights, bezels, mirrors and trims that may fall off the car during the demolition derby.

  27. No special bumpers, reinforcements or trailer hitches allowed. Bumpers may be cut but no sharp edges.

  28. No rear hitch allowed.  

  29. All chrome strips must be removed.

  30. No studded tires.

  31. Remove all hub caps if they are plastic.

  32. You may only reinforce the driver’s door on the inside. No other reinforcements are permitted on the vehicle.

  33. You may strap your doors shut or tack weld them.

  34. Upon inspection, judges need to be able to see the inside of the trunk. No debris or other parts are allowed in the trunk during the derby.

  35. Snow may be added to the car after the inspection by officials of the day of the demolition derby.

  36. All vehicles will be checked to make sure they are legal and comply to all rules listed.

  37. Deliberate hitting on the driver’s side door will result in immediate disqualification.

  38. Spotters will be on hand to watch for infractions and will signal the judges if necessary. At which point the race will be stopped. After such infraction is dealt with the judge will signal for the derby to resume.

  39. To win, the driver must be the last one to make contact and be able to move their vehicle under its own power.

  40. The event organizers reserve the right to reject any or all applications.

  41. Any decision made by the judge is final.

  42. If the derby results in a tie, the judge will decide the winner.

  43. The organizers, judges, spotters and property owner (Town of Cochrane) will not be held responsible or liable for any occurrences on the day of the event. This includes transporting people or vehicles to and from the event venue.

    Thank you.

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